Anqunette was working as a morning television news anchor at Fox 2 Detroit when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013. As her condition progressed, she decided to try cannabis as a treatment a year later. After making changes to her diet and using cannabis to manage her MS symptoms, she went from taking nine pharmaceuticals a day to no longer taking any. She became a caregiver and helped patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and cancer find relief and lessen their dependency on prescription medications.

After medically retiring in 2016, Anqunette worked with the Marijuana Policy Project and publicly campaigned for Proposition One, which successfully legalized cannabis for adults in Michigan in 2018.  She co-founded and later sold a medical marijuana provisioning center in Detroit and is developing a line of cannabis products to address the needs of non-smokers.  Anqunette serves on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association and regularly speaks to community groups and conferences about the benefits, risks and appropriate uses of cannabis. She has given presentations to numerous city councils, the Michigan Guardianship Association Conference, Multiple Sclerosis support groups, Sarcoidosis Society, United Auto Workers Union, Detroit Start Up Week, Yoga Moves MS Holistic Health Fair, adult living communities and religious organizations.  She’s a host of CuriosiTea, which is a monthly wellness gathering to teach women how to use cannabis and other holistic approaches to health and she leads a cannabis friendly MS Support Group every month.  Anqunette is also a frequent guest on television, radio and podcasts as a resource for trusted and accurate cannabis information.

Outside the cannabis sector, Anqunette is a member of the League of Women Voters to support their non-partisan mission to get more people involved in the electoral process. She also served as a volunteer with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as a District Activist Leader, lobbying state legislators and Members of Congress for legislation to help those with MS and other disabilities live their best lives.  She’s participated in MS Action Day in Lansing, MS conferences in Detroit, Livonia, Sterling Heights and Washington DC, Walk MS and Muckfest.  Anqunette also studied nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to help others find the best ways to nourish and heal their bodies.

Before retiring from Fox 2 Detroit in 2016 due to the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, Anqunette spent more than 20 years working in South Bend, Las Vegas, Boston and Detroit as a Television News Anchor, Reporter and Producer.



Experience Host

Jess began exploring the healing properties of cannabis when she started using it as an alternative to her anxiety medication. By consuming cannabis to treat mental illness, she also gained natural pain management for an intestinal disorder she’s had since childhood. In addition to therapy, regular movement, and diet change, Jess has found cannabis to be an effective treatment for both mental and gut health.

By sharing her story and “coming out” as a cannabis consumer, Jess has learned the power of vulnerability and connection. She prides herself on being a community architect, experience curator, and canna-activist. Though she’s spent most of her career in education, she has launched multiple ventures within Cannabis. As Co-founder of Loud.Social, Jess works with a myriad of national and Michigan-based cannabis brands on communication design. She is also prototyping a “bud & breakfast” in Detroit,  Copper House Detroit, wherein we host CuriosiTea gatherings and other educational events. Lastly, Jess has launched and led multiple advocacy campaigns including #CurvyCannabis, a campaign aimed at increasing the representation of and support for plus sized womxn in cannabis and #BlazingSilence a discussion on workplace discrimination and harassment.

Outside of her ventures in Cannabis, Jess is an Instructional Designer at an e-learning design and development firm, a freelance writer,  and serves as an elected board member and Recording Secretary of her neighborhood association, Bagley Community Council, Inc.